Hydroseeding services

Hydroseeding is the fastest way to sow your lawn with lawn, at the same time with perfect uniformity. This technology originates in the US and was designed to prevent soil erosion on slopes (especially road slopes).

In the Republic of Moldova, this technology was borrowed and imported by the Gradina Marioarei for sowing the road slopes on the Sarateni-Soroca route. This was due to our colleagues from Hidrovetes in Hungary and currently our team is using the technology provided for sowing any turf fields.

The following components are required to prepare the mixture:

The use of a correct mix of quality materials is essential for proper seeding. Our company uses all the necessary ingredients and mixing ratios according to the technology.

Lawn seeds
Almost any kind of turf seed mix can be used, depending on the use of the lawn. When selecting turf seeds, the following should be taken into account:

  • the lawn to be sown is located in the sun or shade
  • what is the structure and quality of the soil (presence of sand or peat)
  • the presence or absence of the automated irrigation system
  • the purpose for which the lawn will be used (children’s playground, lawn for the park or sports ground)
  • the time available for the maintenance of the lawn

The germination time of freshly sown turf depends on the season, temperature and quantity of water administered, but, usually, in 5-7 days, a germination and growth of the lawn can be observed.

We can create special mixes for residential gardens, parks, sports fields or slopes according to the client’s requirements.
Because the grass seeds are mixed with water in the preparation process of the mixture, this helps the grass seeds to be pre-germinated.

Water soluble fertilizer
Fertilizer for lawn growth has a high phosphorus content which is very helpful for stimulating root growth

It is made of a mixture of paper and wood. When the mixture is applied to the soil, the mulch helps to form a soft crust. This layer covers and protects the seeds, preserves moisture and stops the growth of weeds. From the beginning, the mulch offers a beautiful, even green, color in the water-sown area.

The mixture for hydroseeding is environmentally friendly and also serves as a fertilizer for the lawn. After application it leaves no stains and is very easy to wash on the pavement, edges, tile or wall of the house.

Other additives

  • Special adhesive that helps fix the mixture, even in rainy weather, on steep slopes until the seeds germinate,
  • Water-insoluble super absorbent polymer that helps with water retention near lawn seeds.
Video images are provided by our colleagues from Hungary.
In these images are shown the stages of preparation of the mixture and application of it on the soil surface.
In the images below we show you some works performed by our team, pictures are displayed before applying the mixture and the result of the hydro-sowing.
For more information about hydroseeding services please contact us!



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