How the mechanization of landscaping processes helped us at Grădina Mărioarei

How the mechanization of landscaping processes helped us at Grădina Mărioarei

During the last years, we have invested a lot in the mechanization of the execution processes of the landscaping works, in order to make the work more efficient and to optimize the time for the works. In the following article we would like to tell you how this process was for us at Grădina Mărioarei.

When we only started our activity, in 2012, most of the landscaping works were done manually. This allowed us to understand in depth the work processes, but made it difficult for us to work quickly. In addition, the quality of manual work remains lower than that provided by professional equipment. The lack of skilled labor on the local market motivated us to start as soon as possible the mechanization process of the services we provide.

Grass seeding is one of the most requested landscaping service on our market. It is a complex and long process, which we wanted to make as efficient as possible. In 2015 we purchased a Hydroseeding equipment, which allowed us to increase the grass seeding capacity from 500 to 5000 m² per day. Hydroseeding allows the uniform and fast application of grass seeds on any surface, including uneven / sloping lands.

When installing an irrigation system, the most demanding step is digging ditches, which gave us great headaches, given the physical effort that had to be made by a team of workers, often hampered by soil hardness. Thus, in 2016 we invested in an trencher, as a result we obtain ditches dug quickly (about 2 m / minute), with an optimal width and depth, which can be done by a single operator.

In 2018 we completed our fleet of equipment with a professional Billy Goat aerator that allows us to improve the quality and appearance of the lawn by stimulating the growth of its root system.

One of the purchases we are especially proud of is the Toro Dingo TX525 Wide Track compact utility loader, which allows us to perform a wide range of preparation works for landscaping: removing old soil, handling heavy material (sand, stone, earth), leveling the land, soil preparation. This equipment allows us to replace a team of 6 employees, who would perform similar work in 5 times longer.

We also continuously invest in the efficiency of landscape maintenance works. This year we went from walk behind lawn mowers to a zero turn mower Toro TimeCutter with a working width of 127 cm, increasing the speed with which we serve our customers.

So, at the moment we have mechanized most of the processes of the execution of landscaping works and the maintenance of green areas. We remain passionate about professional equipment, which is why we will continue to discover and implement the latest trends in the mechanization of our work processes..

If you are looking for a solution in optimizing some of your lawn care efforts – we are here to help you choose the right equipment. For more details you can contact us by email or phone.