New Toro lawn mowers with Vortex Technology

New Toro lawn mowers with Vortex Technology

Toro lawn mowers launched in 2022 are equipped with Vortex Technology and Personal Pace® Auto-Drive ™.
Toro has long been recognized as an innovator in new technologies that help customers maintain their lawn surfaces to the best quality and in the most efficient way.
Part of this innovation includes new features of Toro Recycler mowers, such as Vortex Technology ™, which increases the airflow for the mower cutting deck.

Toro’s new patented Vortex Technology is equipped with a grid-type air intake system that supplies the cutting deck with additional airflow. The extra air infuses the cut grass around the knife into the cutting chamber at a faster rate, either by making ultra-fine cuts or blowing them into the new Super Bagger basket at high speed.
Improved aerodynamics create grass clippings and better recycling (mulching) that acts as Lawn Vitamins ™ feeding the lawn.

For those times of the year when lawn maintenance requires additional cleaning (mowing with collection), users can use the new Super Bagger system in combination with Vortex technology. The lawn mower is turned into a garden vacuum cleaner, leaving the yard clean after mowing. In addition, the new conical bag design promotes easier and cleaner bag emptying process.

Personal Pace® Auto-Drive ™ is the new evolution of self-propelled lawn mowers. Like the automatic transmission of a machine, no buttons, levers or adjustments are required to change the speed of the mower. Users can grab the steering wheel-inspired handle from anywhere and walk at a comfortable speed. The lawn mower will detect and adapt to the user in real time.
With a telescopic handle and a bar that requires 50% less force to use it will help users feel comfortable even at very long jobs.

New technologies are available on a large number of lawn mowers, including battery powered mowers.
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