Services of turf rolls installation

Turf rolls are the perfect solution for setting up a green space in the shortest possible time.


Our company offers lawn rolls from both local producers and producers of turf rolls in Romania. In the case of small areas, there is sufficient stock on the local market, and in the case of large projects with areas exceeding the surface of 500 square meters we can import high quality lawn rolls from our Romanian supplier.


The advantage of using lawn rolls is the speed with which your lawn gets the long-awaited look!
The turf rolls are grown by the producers in specially arranged fields and with the proper maintenance so that after about 7 – 9 months they are ready to be harvested and mounted in your garden.


The images presented are from our Romanian supplier, the company OxyGazon, which offers several blends for your lawn.


Let’s not forget about the need to install the automated irrigation system to have a lawn to envy!
Some of the works done by our team are presented in the pictures below

To schedule an on-site visit of a representative from Grădina Mărioarei, please contact us by phone or email.



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