Turfline Sport Lawn seeds

Turfline Sport Lawn seeds

Lawn seeds from Danish manufacturer DLF Trifolium from the TURFLINE product range.

A mixture of wear-resistant lawn, for playgrounds and recreational areas. Now, in a new, unique formula, with perennial Quick Action, it is best suited for fast fixation and stress tolerance.

The sport is very resistant to strong wear, having a rapid recovery after damage. It grows compact and dense. For the composition Hot & Dry only herbs with drought resistance are included.

For optimal results it will be sown in early spring, late summer or early autumn.

Composition of SPORT turf seed mixture

65% Festuca Arundinacea “Starlett”
20% Poa Pratensis ”Geisha”
15% Lolium Perennial “Double”

Recommended sowing norm: 25 – 40 gr / m2